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We donate 25 cents to cultural school projects for every item sold.

Sock Nation Project was established by Live Your Colour Inc based in Portland, Oregon and San Jose, California, in order to support cultural school projects for children. At Live Your Colour Inc., we believe that all cultures are beautiful, and children are our future culture-builders and creative thinkers, who pave the way with their curiosity and big dreams.


“Live Your Colour” means living your own way, and we offer fashion products to help express that way. To support children as culture-builders, we started the Sock Nation Project by connecting our customers and children and donating 25 cents to school projects for every item sold.


Create a community where people from all backgrounds can come together

and make each light truly shine.



Support cultural school projects through the Sock Nation Project.

By doing so, we’ll connect our customers and children to a better and brighter future.


Who We Are


Live Your Colour, Inc.
Our story began when Maarlie Wada moved to the U.S. from Japan and brought her eye for style along with her. In 2004, she created a corporation and in 2006 she started selling socks made in Nara, Japan to people in San Jose and across America. She started the Sock Nation Project in November 2020.

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