25 cents per item sold is donated to local schools.

“We support local culture and education.”

We, Live Your Colour Inc., believe that all cultures are beautiful and that children are great culture builders with their curiosities and inspirations. We are very happy to connect with them through this project.

Colorful Smiles in Harmony.

Promote a community where people can come together respectfully regardless of their personal beliefs and background.


Support Future Culture Builders and Local Communities.
Connect children and our customers through this  project as a supporter for local cultures and education.


Who We Are
Live Your Colour, Inc. began when Maarlie Mari Wada started buying clothing and accessories from American brands for her friends and herself as a personal business. She established a corporation in 2004 and started selling socks made in Nara, Japan in 2006. Sharing the importance of living your own way and maximizing your lifelong potentials (#LiveYourColor), we offer wonderful opportunities for individuals to express themselves through fashion. We started Sock Nation Project in Nov 2020.


1850 NW 129th Place Portland OR 97229